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Welcome to the Scripting Solutions web site!

This site is dedicated to providing Perl and KiXtart  solutions supporting the administration and management of Microsoft based clients and servers. 

Both Perl and KiXtart  are good tools for addressing administrative tasks. KiXtart is primarily used in the logon script arena, but can be used for many different programming tasks. Perl offers functionality not found in KiXtart and therefore is a better tool in some circumstances. The Perl utilities found at this site are compiled. You need not know anything about Perl or have Perl installed to use the utilities. The  source code is also available for most utilities. KiXtart code is just script and is always visible in a readable format by the user.

The code developed and available at this site has been tested in large corporate environments and has a proven track record. It is my hope that you can benefit from the individual utilities and complete solutions that can be provided. New custom solutions can be developed to meet your specific requirements for a reasonable fee. You are free to use and redistribute programs posted to this site as long as proper credit to the author is retained and unless a specific exception is posted with a particular program.

Howard A. Bullock, MCSE
Harrisburg, PA


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